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Rigid Bodies | Fluids | Flip Fluids | Viscous Fluids | Particles | Hard Surface Modeling | Texturing | NCloth |Lighting | Pyro FX | Basic Compositing | Animation.



Houdini | Maya | Zbrush | NukeX | Photoshop.



Computer Animation Experience


Fullsail Student Pipeline:
Knowledge on assembling realistic looking scenes working as a VFX Artist on pipelines of consistent collaboration between compositors, modelers and other VFX artists.


Other Jobs Experience

Game Advisor (Caracas, Venezuela)
Worked as a Game sells advisor at American Game World store where I recommended games that were trending/famous at the time so my boss would include them in the roster and bring them to the store.

Volunteer at Several Conventions (Caracas, Venezuela)

Volunteered and worked at conventions such as:
– Avalancha (Comic Convention)
– Bazar de las Damas Suizas (Food,Souvenir Convention),
– Santa en las Calles (Charity Event)



College / University (Dec 2013 – Jul 2016)
Fullsail University (Winter Park, Florida)
B.S Computer Animation
High school (Jul 2013)
Washington Academy (Caracas, Venezuela)